The obstacles facing humanity need solutions. Many experts focus only on the symptoms of the underlying problems.
Matthew P. Holbert has rejected the premise that it is a solution to address only the effects, rather than the cause. His book Philosophea: Solutions, is an invitation to solve the biggest problems of our times by becoming your own philosopher, leader, and activist.

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“Transcending this disorder of perpetual growth could be the equivalent of going from hunter gatherers to small scale agrarians. Indeed, modern life resembles more the survival-based wilderness than it does any civilized form of human activity. Even a cursory understanding of history will show that our current society is in a dark age; stagnant, disordered, and corrupt. At this point the problem is not merely in the politicians, but in the culture which spawns them; not the transnational corporations in themselves, but their influence over the the very character of our laws and government, to the point where the only way to solve this dilemma is by abolishing the entire system, and starting over.” Matthew P. Holbert

And for insights into how motivation can be a problem, and how the changes in one’s life towards being the change they want to see can be difficult but possible to accomplish, this article here can be helpful. Below is a quote from the article:

“You don’t regard dental care as a crushing burden, because you don’t sit around every day contemplating the unfathomable mountain of teeth-brushing you must scale before you die. You only think of it as that thing you do in the morning because you have to, because you don’t want your teeth to fall out. You manage the long-term goal (having teeth) by thinking only of the very manageable daily goal.

“Well, guess what: If you can apply that technique to other things, you can conquer the motherfucking world.”

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