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Ivium stands for the great way; the art of living.

UNIVIUM (Sensorimotor)
Music & Linguistics (Aesthetics)

BIVIUM (Phantasmic Emotional)
Fractal Geometry (Vision)
Art (Expression)

*TRIVIUM* (Ego) (Concrete Operational)
Ingestion (Grammar)
Digestion (Logic)
Expression (Rhetoric)

*QUADRIVIUM* (Other) (Formal Operational)
Number (Math)
Number in Space (Geometry)
Number in Time (Music)
Number in Space and Time (Astronomy)

For Adults
PENTIVIUM (Ego & Other) (Post-Formal Op.)
Purification (Therapy)
Consolidation (Study)
Exertion (Application)
Balance (Union)
Play (Causation/Flow)

HEXIVIUM (World Centric) (Vision Logic)
Strategy (Configuration)
Organization (Formation)
Education (Actualization)
Synergy (Mastermind)
Dissemination (Communication)
Manifestation (Transcendence) (Early Psychic)

The Hexivium is a method of world-centric transformation, in congruence with the Pentivium. In our times, it is a physical, mental, and spiritual matter of human life to be subjected to the powers and wills of sycophants and parasites, elites and psychopaths; to protect ourselves (and yourself) from this kind of criminality and tyranny, not only mental fortitude, but action is necessary. The Hexivium is an action plan for world liberation. We use the word “world liberation” because this concept is world-centric, meaning that if any part of the world is still oppressed, the ultimate goal of this system has not been manifest. The point being, not to achieve perfection—recognizing that true perfection is impossible—but rather, in spite of this truth, pursuing perfection (i.e. world liberation and individual sovereignty) anyway.
A transformation of alchemical proportions requires us to embrace post-conventional perspectives, and recognize the powers that be for the criminals that they are. Recognizing that they are not stupid, we must become aware and smarter (both as individuals and as an aggregate) than the status quo. Further, rather than fighting them, and playing their game, the methods of transformation must be to create a more perfect order, which makes the old model obsolete.
By (1.) strategizing with other players of life (practitioners of the Pentivium who have achieved balance), original characters that have been liberated from the mental shackles of modern culture and society have a unique capacity for causing change and doing so in a flow state; such that, doing so at the expense of social approval, conventional values, and preserving the passive peace is of no consequence to them. However, without strategy, as Gene Sharp contends in his book From Dictatorship to Democracy, the game of power and control is already lost before it is played. Rebellion worsens the situation, ignorance worsens the situation, and denial worsens the situation.
The power and potential of the Pentivium, in regards to studying the economic, political, and cultural systems that have created the world in which we live, is the true value of this concept in our time. Having connections with like minded individuals, all exploring and sharing their understandings about the world in which they live, establish the conditions for a Mastermind Alliance (or Fellowship Cell as described by Csikszentmihalyi in The Evolving Self). It is when we (2.) become organized around the power of knowledge that we can actualize the Mastermind potential, as was conceptualized by Napoleon Hill, in his book Think and Grow Rich, where he defines the term as such: “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”
Through strategy and organization, the next inevitable step towards cultural evolution is (3.) education. By educating ourselves and the people inside as well as outside of the mastermind alliance, a group takes on the power of knowledge, and uses it for the greater good. Only by educating people about reality will they ever be empowered, and in effect liberated. However, simply educating people will never get them closer to freedom without (4.) synergy, wherein new members are brought in and connected into the strategic plan, and brought in to the mastermind group concept, preferably creating their own cells.
By repeating this process, the participants are creating new networks, and in doing so create a platform for more potent (5.) dissemination into the public realm. Actions that can be taken at this point would be: reaching out to community organizations (such as churches, labor unions, and government officials), having proficient members run for political office, and creating media, entertainment, and organizing community events and attracting further community involvement. A powerful and effective method of bringing about synergy is education—establishing new education memes must constitute the greatest effort in the course of the Hexivium. By establishing Pentivium academies, using old malls as the edifice, would be one of the biggest steps that such a community organization can make.
Once a group has been successful in changing their local community, shedding light on systemic corruption, inadequacy, and obsolescence, the final stage is transcendence, or (6.) manifestation. By achieving renown for being movers and shakers, the Hexivium group has dismantled the pyramid-like power structure of the status quo through non-violent action; in the process, replacing it with a circular-shaped egalitarian structure in their community.
By integrating the practices of the Pentivium into this process, we are also integrating the principle of flow into these activities. In the context of flow, the challenge of changing the world to be more harmonious and fulfilling for all human beings is not only fun, it is exhilarating, and a source of authentic ecstasy. In other words, not only can we change the world, but we can have fun while doing it! Therefore, let the spirit of liberty, which rose in the year 1776, be rekindled yet refined in the spirit of evolution 240 years later!